Frank Daharsh has always been an artist for as long as he remembers but when he had an opportunity to take a class in glassblowing in 1998 everything else fell by the wayside. With a degree at the Kansas City Art Institute in product Design and Graphic Design (where he uses this knowledge working at HDR Architecture) has helped him in forming new ideas and concepts in glass.

Frank currently displays his work in Omaha’s vibrant cultural and artist district, in the historic Old Market district at the Artist Cooperative Gallery, 405 S. 11th Street, Omaha, NE 68102

His work is also shown at one of the top Omaha attractions at the Crystal Forge in the Hot Shops Art Center, 1301 Nicholas Street.

Artist Statement

“I enjoy working with glass because of its versatility as a medium to express my ideas. Glass has advantages of transparency and opacity, which allow the light to be manipulated through it’s use of color, texture, and layering of multiple colors and patterns.

It is a fascinating medium that has the most challenges but is also the most rewarding! Where else can you play with 2300 degree molten glass!

Please feel free to watch Frank in person at the Crystal Forge, in the Hot Shops Art Center, 1301 Nicolas Street, Omaha, Nebraska.


Frank creating his art…

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