As we work with entrepreneurs, we often run into issues where the founder is looking for development expertise or a technical co-founder.  Under30CEO released an article discussing three simple steps to find a programmer that would be a fit for your startup.




  1. alicia

    #3 worked for me!

  2. Richard

    Or, you could go with the freelance route. I’ve hired some of the best programmers for the past 3 years from . I work with them just online and they deliver results well.

  3. Nick

    Thanks for your response. Some of our companies have had luck with outsourcing to third party development firms as well with an in house translator to relate to the programmers. They needed someone to communicate what wireframes needed to look like while still understanding what it takes on the backend. If you can push results & regulate this process, it definitely makes sense. For a non-technical founder, we have found that they will need to find someone to translate to external developers.

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