The “Pivot”

“Pivot” has become a commonly accepted phrase for when a start ups initial model misses the mark. It’s freely used and thrown about. “Oh, we’ll just pivot when we see it doesn’t work…” Uh, yeah, probably not. Oftentimes, the founders decide to change direction, alter course, try something new. They pivot and go in a new direction. We invest in a quality team and we bet on this team and their ability to execute their vision. IF they decide to change for change sake…we cringe. When they frankly come to us and express concern over their status or have concrete reasons to shift we listen and support. Micah Baldwin (@micah) founder of Dundee VC supported Graphicly is a very clear thinker and driven founder. His post in Venture Beat ( is an honest take and autopsy of a successful pivot. Thinking big and executing big are different. While we all thought the comics market was large…the new focus is enormous, fragmented and ripe. And so far, a great pivot.

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