Leap2 announced it has raised $1.6 million in new funding.  We were fortunate to back an experienced and talented team in Mike Farmer, Dan Carroll and Thad Langford.  Leap2’s app is designed to provide a real-time, socially integrated search app.  While we were able to lead the round, we also co-invested with OpenAir Equity, Linseed Capital, and the Wichita Technology Corporation.

According to TechCrunch, Mike Farmer, Founder & CEO, explained the app experience as follows:

“Now let’s imagine you run the same search through Leap2. Rather than a returning a simple list of links, Leap2 pulls in content from all over the web, providing you with visually engaging, organic results relevant to your query. Using the same set of keywords, your results are now a combination of websites, social conversations and images. Instead of clicking back and forth through a list, you now have one-stop access to scroll through much more dynamic results.”

Read the entire TechCrunch article.


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