WhimseyBox Relocates to Boulder

I spent a day in Boulder this past week with Alicia DiRago and the WhimseyBox team.  WhimseyBox moved from Houston to Boulder in early 2013 and until now, was working out of Alicia’s home in Boulder just like they had done in Houston.  Now, they have an office space, which is important when you are assembling craft boxes and fulfilling e-commerce orders on the fly.

We invested in WhimseyBox in November following their participation in Excelerate Labs in Chicago.  The company has gone through the challenge of being in three different cities in 5 months and trying to locate and retain key talent through the process.  Meanwhile, they have also had to balance fulfillment, building out the ecommerce page, and servicing customers, which are all challenges when you are on the go.

We are enthused about the opportunity with WhimseyBox as they are now settled into Boulder and can focus on building a successful business by hiring a team, growing the subscriber base, and focusing on expanding the e-commerce store.  With the core team still together, WhimseyBox is positioned with an excellent opportunity to be the e-commerce option for crafters to Stop Pinning & Start Making.

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