Dundee VC portfolio start-up MindMixer has partnered with Code for America in co-sponsoring IdeationNation, a civil engagement rally aimed at answering the important question, “How can technology better your community?” Over the next five weeks, innovators from around the country will share their insights on how technology can improve their municipal, state and national governments. Submissions will be accepted until Oct. 31, after which 25 finalists will be selected by a panel of civil and tech leaders. The winning idea will receive a free MindMixer page, $5,000 and mentoring from Code for America in order to implement their idea in 2014.

MindMixer CEO Nick Bowden frequently expresses his frustration with the disconnect between government and technology. “It can be insanely frustrating, to see simple solutions that are so far from being acted upon”. The technology is there to make civil engagement simpler, more efficient and more effective. Bowden uses the classic example of the DMV, a government entity that could become a seamless user experience through the incorporation of online forums. However, this change won’t come on its own, community individuals need to demand these technological infusions in order for governments to react. Read more about the partnership between MindMixer and Code for America in this Forbes article.


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