Don’t run out of cash. We emphasize this mantra with each of our founders. The best cash is revenue: it is non-dilutive, attracts more investment and solves most issues within a young company.  We value start-ups with revenue, because every investment dollar stretches further when revenue is generated. Each dollar can be spent multiple times with that cash, rather than $1 in investment contributing to strictly $1 in expenses.

Bulu Box‘s team has understood the importance of generating revenue from Day 1. During the past year, the company has gone from literally nothing to generating $100k in monthly revenue. The company has 10,000 monthly subscribers, and is on track to have 30,000 by the end of the year. Bulu is an excellent example of what revenue generation provides for start-ups. With cash on hand, Bulu Box has built a loyal customer base, launched a rewards program, and quickly adapted their focus when they realized the majority of their customers were focused on weight loss. Their relentless focus on revenue and subscriber growth immediately interests investors.

Read more about Bulu’s recent success in this Silicon Prairie News article.


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