Earlier this week, our city’s flagship paper, the Omaha World-Herald, published an editorial that really struck a chord with us.

Omaha World-Herald Editorial:
Tech offers opportunities for men, women

This editorial posed a challenge to the greater Omaha community for a stronger focus and investment in education, training and professional development for women pursuing careers in technology.

The obvious lack of women and minorities in the tech space is not a problem unique to Omaha. But, in the spirit of our great city, we know it won’t be a problem for long. We applaud those making strides to develop curriculum, programming and other initiatives that propel more diversity in the tech space. It’s a win for everyone.

And it is something we soon plan to put resources towards, too.

So, hats off to our community for taking a critical step toward progress. We are right there with you and plan to see this initiative succeed.

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