As Straight Shot, Omaha’s first accelerator, nears demo day on Thursday, the seven companies are in fundraising mode. One of the companies, HuntForce, can breathe easier as they pitch in front of the expected crowd of 400 mentors, investors, and entrepreneurs. We are happy to announce our participation in the $400k seed round HuntForce just completed.

Originally from Louisville, KY, the father-and-son duo of Jim and Ryan White moved their entire families to Omaha once they were accepted into Straight Shot. The immense value of accelerators comes not just from a strong network of connected mentors, but also from the ability to put a product, team, and company under huge pressure and see the results. We not only served as mentors for the Straight Shot companies but also got a close-up view at how these companies performed during the 90 days, and Jim and Ryan stepped up to every challenge.

HuntForce revolutionizes the hunting industry through their web-based application, allowing deer hunters to easily sort through the photos gathered from their trail cameras. HuntForce uses proprietary antler-recognition technologies to highlight pictures with deer in them, so hunters can instantly identify targets and create a hunting strategy, a process that took hours previously.  In 90 days, HuntForce has gone from the earliest of design stages to having fully-functioning software, ready to rollout to Beta testers nationwide. We have watched as they captured input from hunters, formed relationships with strategic mentors, and connected with key players in the industry.

We join two other Omaha investors, TreeTop Ventures and Mark Griffis, in congratulating HuntForce on their fundraise! If you are a hunter, sign up now for their beta test at Read more about the company in the funding announcement here.

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