Software Is Eating VC

Software is eating the world, as Marc Andreesen so eloquently put it. It is certainly a great time to be a software venture investor, given the late-stage valuations we are seeing and the inefficiencies in archaic industries being eroded daily […]

Adding the ‘’ of job searching platforms, Briefcase, to our portfolio

In the roll call of technological backfires, online job searches may well be at the top of the list. Originally embraced as a means for anyone, anywhere to see, apply and even pre-screen for available positions, such digital services were […]

Dundee Announces Funding of Roundpegg

Earlier this month, we announced our investment in, based in Boulder, CO.  Roundpegg provides web-based tools to drive business performance by measuring, managing and monitoring organizational culture.  We are thrilled to join Access Venture Partners and Point B Capital […]

Welcome: Beth Engel, a culture curator and operations Jedi master

This month we made one of our most outstanding investments: we hired Beth Engel. Every once in awhile, you work with someone that seems to have such valuable and translatable skills that you could put that person in just about […]

The Power of an Alumni Network: Dundee Founder’s Day 2013

In the past year, we’ve invested in more than a dozen companies. Each with tenacious founders that have a specific vision for their companies. And, each of whom has learned a tremendous deal since first launching their businesses and becoming […]