We have been on both sides of the startup desk

We bring a solid level of experience and perspective to investing. We invest in entrepreneurs with a strong vision, commitment and the energy needed to handle a startup. We can spot a fake from a mile away. You must be ready for some hard work, late nights and lots of caffeine. Do we hope to create jobs? Of course, but our focus is in helping you achieve your dream by giving you the tools in the form of capital and knowledge to succeed.

Dundee Venture Capital

Meet our talented team


Mark Hasebroock

In my life I have been an investment banker and commercial banker. I’ve been a small business owner and have co-founded two ecommerce businesses. I’ve stubbed my toe on lots of rocks, fallen and then got back up. The mistakes were building blocks for me. > Read more about Mark


Beth Engel

Beth began her post-college career as a middle-school science teacher before a pivot to Omaha’s start-up world. At three software companies in their early days including joining Hayneedle as its twelfth employee, she learned how to grow and build a company, the importance of culture in a start-up, and the necessity of rolling up your sleeves and doing every job in a young business. > Read more about Beth

Andrea Sandel

Andrea Sandel

Andrea began her career working in various departments of a large bank. She was continually discouraged when she or others on her team would make suggestions for changing something for the betterment of the company and/or customers, but the implementation of such ideas would likely take several months (or years) due to > Read more about Andrea


Greg Beaufait

Greg is the most recent addition to Dundee Venture Capital. He spent a year interning with Dundee VC analyzing potential investment opportunities, revamping investor reports and creating a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking system for our portfolio. After graduation, adding Greg to the team was a no-brainer. > Read more about Greg

Where are we?

Dundee Venture Capital is located in the Mastercraft Building on North 13th St. in Omaha. Built in 1925 as a furniture manufacturing plant, the Mastercraft is a 140,000 sq. ft. building now home to dozens of startups. It has fast become the hub of entrepreneurial activity. Moving here was a no-brainer for us. The atmosphere and excitement is here every day and we wanted to be a part of it.

Why Omaha?

There is a humble honesty and work ethic baked into the culture here. People value determination and hard work, they are quietly confident and thrive in an underdog role. There is an expanding network of young and vibrant people that see the opportunity to create something new. We have to say it’s affordable to live here and lack of congestion is definitely a selling point.