David Mann

Partner David Mann joined in 2016 and oversees our Chicago office. He leads our supply chain and logistics theme, and currently serves on the boards of Fooji, PartySlate, and MissionControl. David brings to our team two decades of varied investment, operations, and legal experience. David graduated Cum Laude from Harvard University with an A.B. in Government, then earned his J.D. from the Northwestern University School of Law, spending two years as a corporate attorney thereafter.

Immediately prior to Dundee, David managed Lakewest Venture Partners in Chicago with Dundee advisors Jon McCulloch and Buzz Ruttenberg. Lakewest invested primarily in Chicago from 2010 to 2015 and David quickly became enmeshed in the Chicago startup and VC ecosystem. David and his family reside in Chicago in the shadow of Wrigley Field, and he’s sadly starting to forget the excitement of the Cubs’ World Series in 2016.