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All businesses start with a “what if we…” dialogue. It evolves into a real business despite what your co-workers, Aunt, neighbor or youth baseball coach told you. It’s an iPad app. It’s an ecommerce business. It’s growing. And it needs capital. The banks don’t get it. Friends and family are tapped out. Now where do you go without selling your soul?

  • TIME

    Time is valuable and we are not here to waste it. We are not sitting in the background, we are hands on and want to give you the time you need to be a success.


    We have had our fair share of successes and failures, we understand the frustrations and triumphs and are here to share our thoughts on both.


    We have gained valuable knowledge while building our own startups, it’s information that can be beneficial to you
    and help speed up the growth process.

ABPathfinder Lands Series A Funding Partners

ABPathfinder recently announced its Series A investment partnership with FCA Ventures (a Nashville-based health care venture investor),  Tonic Fund, and Dundee VC. We are thrilled about the opportunity to grow this business with Jeff Blackwood, Kelly Kerns, the ABPathfinder team, […]

Leap.It Wins Rise of the Rest, $100K

We frequently caution our founders against getting too excited about a rave review from a potential customer or an engaging conversation with a VC. “That’s great, but when are they writing you a check?” we ask. And often that check […]

MindMixer Raises Largest Prairie Round to-date

We have been proud partners to Nick Bowden and Nathan Preheim since the first time they walked into our offices and pitched this crazy little idea, MindMixer. They were tenacious. They knew the market they were trying to disrupt. And, […]

Latest Venture

Cosmic Cart

Cosmic Cart is an online shopping platform that aims to improve the shopping experience for both publishers and consumers through giving publishers a tool to easily embed a shopping cart purchasing flow directly to a publisher’s site.

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