Defining the Future of Commerce

Our Story

The Dundee story starts with hammocks. 

In 1998, Mark started selling hammocks online. Those hammocks turned into an outdoor furniture e-commerce startup that was backed by Sequoia & Insight and eventually sold to Walmart. 

Despite building the company in Omaha, Mark had to go to the coasts to raise capital. The Dundee seed was planted: great companies can be built anywhere, and investors need to meet entrepreneurs where they are.

With a midwestern-sized chip on his shoulder, Mark started the fund in 2012 to invest when and where others won’t. Today, with more than 55 investments made and $95M under management, the focus remains the same – partnering early with the best tech entrepreneurs in overlooked markets.

Today, we write $1M checks out of a $40M fund, leading pre-seed and seed rounds in three core areas: Commerce (D2C + Commerce Infrastructure), FinTech, and Supply Chain technology.

We have partnered with more than 100 founders at the seed-stage, with those companies building in 25 different cities. Our best investments have been in the biggest underdogs.

Recent Tweets

We lead pre-seed and seed rounds,
typically as the first institutional VC

How We Invest

  • We lead or co-lead pre-seed and seed rounds, typically $1-$4M in size.
  • We average initial investments of $1M, with some flex below and above.
  • We prefer overlooked entrepreneurs and ecosystems outside of the coasts.
  • We primarily focus in three core areas: Commerce, FinTech, and Supply Chain Technology.

What We Believe

  • At Dundee, we believe in our midwestern roots and the power of the underdog.
  • We believe trust is the foundation of every investment, especially given a 10-year time horizon.
  • We believe in investing early and developing conviction quickly, aiming to make decisions in 2 weeks or less.
  • Most importantly, we believe in funding entrepreneurs no matter where they choose to build a company.