We've Been on Both Sides of the Startup Desk

Our Story

Dundee VC formally began in 2010. The root of the idea started much earlier when Mark Hasebroock, Dundee VC’s founding and managing partner, was raising money for his two e-commerce companies, giftcertificates.com and Hayneedle.com, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, respectively. As Mark was building two fast-growing tech startups in Omaha, he questioned why the source funding for these ventures had to come from the East and West coasts. Mark, with his entrepreneurial approach, saw the problem and created his own solution: Dundee Venture Capital. Since then, Mark and his team have been investing in early-stage tech founders across the Midwest.

Recent Tweets

We look to lead or co-lead rounds, working directly with founding teams on an ongoing basis

How We Invest

  • Initial investments are $250K-$750K into $500K – $3M seed rounds.
  • Typically, we like to see a prototype built and early traction with an initial, engaged customer base. We will invest pre-revenue or pre-product in some cases.
  • We look at investing in all underserved capital markets in the US and Canada, but primarily like to keep our capital focused in the Midwest.
  • We invest in tech companies across industries, except for those that require millions of dollars or government approval to get off the ground (looking at you, bio, pharma, med devices, and hardware startups).

How We Work

  • We know you have choices when you raise capital and we work daily to be worthy of the choice entrepreneurs make to partner with us.
  • We often sit on boards or have board observer roles initially when we lead rounds. We want to be our entrepreneurs’ go-to call when they need help, an ear to talk to or a shoulder to lean on.
  • Typically, one partner will work most closely leading an investment, with another partner assisting. Our entire team is up to speed on every investment and available as a resource.
  • We want to demystify what raising venture funding means. Throughout our investment decision process, diligence, and partnership with a company, we strive to be as transparent and straightforward as possible with what we see and how we are thinking; if we aren’t doing so, please call us out.